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The purpose of this workshop, taking place November 13-15 2024 at the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland, is 1) to identify the role nursing expertise plays in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based health technologies and 2) to determine how to embed nursing expertise in AI-based health technologies. The workshop will consider ethical, legal, and social implications. We hope to improve care equity, patient safety and experience, as well as reduce health care costs by engaging nursing expertise in the development of these technologies.


Nursing Knowledge Management and Health Service Research COURSE (Finland, TURKU 2023)

The Nursing and Artificial Intelligence Leadership (NAIL) Collaborative organized a course titled "HOIT2121 Nursing Knowledge Management and Health Service Research" in Finland last year. This postgraduate course, delivered in English, was structured to provide 8 hours of lectures, 8 hours of seminars, and 90 hours of independent work, focusing on applying research methodology to knowledge management within health services. It aimed at enabling students to compare and critically evaluate the use of advanced technologies in knowledge management research to enhance health service delivery. Laura-Maria Peltonen, Sanna Salanterä, Max Topaz, and Martin Michailowski coordinated the course. It was part of the curriculum for the Doctorate in Nursing (DPNURS) under the Faculty of Medicine and the Master's degree in Health Sciences.

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2nd Workshop on Artificial Inteligence in Nursing (AINurse2023)

This workshop, co-located with the 2023 AIME conference in Portoroz Slovenia, was held June 15th 2023. It continues the work from the 1st iteration organized during the 2022 AIME conference. The workshop's focus was on research using AI technologies based on nursing data or intended to be used by nurses. Participants in the workshop benefited by learning about current AI applications and cutting-edge methods, and the workshop also charted AI research areas that require further development to advance patient outcomes. There was also a panel hosted about the use of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in Nursing.

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1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Nursing: Advances, Methods and Path Forward (Halifax, Canada)

The workshop, organized by the Nursing and Artificial Intelligence Leadership (NAIL) Collaborative, focused on AI in nursing and provided a platform for discussions about recent advances, cutting edge AI methods, and charting a path forward for nursing AI. These goals were achieved through a combination of presentation types, including paper presentations, invited talks, panels, demos, and general discussion. The intended workshop participants were individuals involved in developing and applying AI for nursing, including those with clinical (e.g., nursing, medicine), technical (e.g., machine learning, computer/data science) and human factors (e.g., visualization and UI/UX) backgrounds. 

Artificial intelligence in nursing: social, ethical and legal implications (Geneva, Switzerland)

Nursing and Artificial Intelligence Leadership Collaborative (NAIL) organized the first international invitational expert think-tank workshop titled ‘Artificial intelligence in nursing: social, ethical and legal implications’. The 3-day think-tank (October 23–25, 2019) held at the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland invited 19 interdisciplinary participants from Canada, Finland, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. The NAIL Collaborative comprises experts in AI development, AI implementation, nursing, and biomedical ethics, AI in primary health care, AI legal aspects, philosophy of AI in health, nursing practice, implementation science, high-level policymakers for healthcare institutions and international informatics groups, a representative of patients and the public, and Chair of the ITU/WHO Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health. Activities included a pre-event survey to elicit attendees' initial perspectives of AI in nursing, presentations by all invited attendees on their areas of expertise as related to AI and/or nursing and working sessions with attendees, to delve into in-depth discussions. 

The output of these discussions was a highly cited paper entitled "Artificial intelligence in nursing: Priorities and opportunities from an international invitational think-tank of the Nursing and Artificial Intelligence Leadership Collaborative" published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing (